So I guess this is.. hello?



Welcome to my new site, as this is my first post I think I should give a bit of information about why I am posting and what I will be using this site for. I have put together a quick question and answers of what I think people who stumble upon this site might want to know.

Q : So who are you?

I am mainly a PHP developer working as a Web Applications Developer for a software company based in Richmond, Yorkshire. I like to delve into other programming languages too from time to time and I am eager to learn about the world of Mobile Applications and how they are made.

Q : Why did you make a “blog”?

I prefer not to think of this as a blog and more of a “diary” as that is basically what I will be using it for. While I try and learn new things I would like somewhere that I can store all of this information. I decided that a “blog” would be the best way to do that so that not only do I have the information so do other people on the internet.

Q : How often will you be posting?

I am not quite sure yet. I am hoping to post at least once a week (probably on a friday) with a recap of what I have done that week. I will also create posts when I find something interesting to post about.